About Us

The Sevy Story

Meet Savannah "Sevy" Brooke, the visionary founder behind Sevy Deep Sleep Essentials, originally from the United Kingdom. Savannah's journey to create Sevy was fueled by her own experiences and challenges, deeply resonating with those of our ideal customer avatar, seeking a balance between a demanding career, personal well-being, and a sustainable life.


Background and Personality

Savannah, affectionately known as "Sevy," began her career in the dynamic world of fashion and design in the UK, where she developed a keen eye for aesthetics and a commitment to sustainable materials. Her fast-paced lifestyle led her to face sleep challenges, pushing her towards the search for natural wellness solutions. Sevy is distinguished by her creativity, empathy, and dedication to sustainability. She's approachable and genuinely interested in her clients' well-being, making her not just an entrepreneur but a cherished member of her community.

The Foundation

Sevy's quest to find the ideal sleep aid, both luxurious and skin/environment-friendly, led her to design her own line of silk sleep masks. With Sevy Silk Sleep Essentials, her aim was to combine style and functionality, offering a product that meets the specific needs of her clientele, including skin irritation, light disruption, and ecological concerns.

Our Mission

At Sevy, our dedication is to offer you an unparalleled sleep experience, especially for those sensitive to noise and light. Inspired by the journey of our founder, Savannah "Sevy" Brooke, and her struggle with sleep disorders as well as skin and hair concerns, we have designed an innovative sleep mask for deep and restorative rest. We firmly believe that quality sleep is essential for a fulfilling life.

Our products are meticulously crafted to optimize every moment of rest, bringing renewed energy and heightened creativity to your day. Join us in our pursuit of quality sleep and a more fulfilling life.

Engagement and Philosophy

Sevy actively engages with her audience through well-being events, social media, and forums dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle, sharing her journey and insights on balancing life. Her philosophy, "Elegance in Sleep, Harmony in Life," emphasizes the importance of restorative sleep for a full and enriched life, through products thoughtfully designed for users and the environment.

Thanks to Sevy Deep Sleep, Savannah "Sevy" Brooke has become a symbol of passion, innovation, and commitment to well-being and ecology. Her story and mission resonate with the desires and challenges of her clients, making her brand a beacon for those aspiring to improve their quality of life while preserving their values.